Mazi is ‘together’ in Greek. Bringing the live events industry back together while ensuring safety of participants is what we’re about. Working together across the different organizations with an interest in this topic will once again allow us to be Mazi.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to the live events industry at all levels. Not only those who earn their livelihood working in this market, but also the fans. Given this situation is now more than one year into reality, we must find a way to bring live events back. The situation will not pass as quickly as initially hoped.

  • Revenue: In Greece alone, revenue from event (music, sports, performing arts) ticketing accounts for €300+ ml annually.

  • Socialization: Coming together with other people is part of normal human nature. Staying apart can lead to psychological consequences due to isolation and potentially physical health problems.

How are we going to come 'Mazi'?

Health passport app linked to event entrance ticket enables a safe environment. Testing (prior or rapid test onsite) and vaccination status checked before entry. Retention of location within the event and contact information of attendee in case future contact is required.


We are an industry consortium coming together in order to facilitate the safe restart of events in Greece. Today we have representation across the events and healthcare industries, although we plan to expand membership and also include the appropriate government authorities.

If you are interested in learning more or joining our efforts, please reach out via the ‘contact us’ button.


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